It's your ethical vision, message and values that my network of entrepreneurs & I are interested in scaffolding to sustainable new heights. Socially-responsible, ethical eco "trends" are the future.

Inspired by... 

Hearing Annie Leonard, the founder of the Story of Stuff Project brilliantly articulate take on materials economy and thesis is continuing to shape and change the way I play the game of entrepreneurship. When you have 10 minutes to spare, watch Annie's "Story of Solutions" movie.  

Behind the Scenes |

I was born in SriLanka; land of mangoes, coconuts, hibiscus, mangosteens, cinnamon, tea and everything exotic. In the same beautiful land I've experienced the ugliest of humanity; war + abuse. Then during a brief getaway in India before coming home to Canada, I survived homelessness + more.  

After a drawn out childhood I finally graduated with a bunch of degrees, still feeling completely unequipped to adult in real life. Bills, life and all the rest was a lot to juggle. Fortunately, a forcefield of impeccable support systems always form around me in times of need

As an elementary teacher, I learned so much from my mini teachers (students); much more than I ever could have taught them. Co-learning with inquisitive young minds was incredibly liberating; the most generous gift. They inspired me to re-think my beliefs, values, lifestyle and ideas. Soon, everything changed. I changed. I was different. Naturally, the universe gave me the "just right" push to pave my own path.

The most logical next step was to dive head first into an industry and endeavour I knew very little about. My first step into entrepreneurship was like popping a pill I never should have touched. - 100% addictive and all-consuming! Everything I was learning, mastering and struggling with and being defeated by was equally exhilarating. I couldn't get enough. Slips, falls and bruises later, I stand taller than I've ever stood before as the founder/co-founder of a handful of brands.  

Everything I saw, heard & felt shaped many chapters of my story. It's taken me 33 years of living to process, heal and assemble my fragmented story into this summary. I hear the devil is in the detail. Consequently, details in chapters past no longer consume me. I'm free to write the rest of my chapters in alignment with my Architect's intended purpose for my time in this space and atmosphere. Looking forward to every minute here & all of eternity that lies ahead. 

Thank you for surfing through our digital space. I would love to hear your story & your intentions for your chapters to come. You can email me privately @ Enjoy your visit & stay. 



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"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." - Matthew 17:20

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