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Tempted to hire someone to take over your social media accounts? This is a decision we recommend you don't rush into. Grab this basic package to sit down with us for an hour. Save your month-to-month social media marketing expense. Creating content maybe easier than you think. 


  • Social Media (SM) analysis report
  • Relevant market research summary
  • 1-hour co-constructed SM blue-print [in-person or skype] 
  • 1-hour SM training
  • Cohesive content-creation strategies
  • 3-hours follow-up support

Social media is not about likes & followers. Let's co-construct your objectives, identify your target audience & formulate a strategic plan to be responsible & purposeful in digital space. 

Your voice. 

Until your brand voice is clearly established, handing your social handles over to someone else to manage maybe detrimental to your brand message. It's equally important to invest adequate time educating new team members to ensure your brand vision, message and voice is accurately internalized. 

Your tribe.

Where are they? Surfing in digital space of course. How will they find you? How will you find them? With access to billions of social media users at your finger tips, it's easier to connect with your tribe and build your community on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Protect your assets.   

Your social media accounts are your digital assets. 



  • Monitor your social media regularly.
  • Limit access // The fewer people with access, the better. Easier to control the posts & avoid any deliberate sabotage.
  • Separate what is personal & what is professional // You don’t want to accidentally post something personal on a corporate account. You also want to be mindful of content that you post on both personal + corporate. accounts. Employers now routinely check prospective employees on social media, using it as a type of character check.
  • Audit which tools have access to your accounts—regulate tools that help with posting since they might be vulnerable to attacks.
  • Be aware of the latest security solutions—some platforms might be moving away from passwords soon, or they may be implementing a new security feature that you may want to implement.
  • Like all users, practice good password hygiene and also implement strict policies about patching and updating.

This one-on-one package will be personalized to suit you. Your SM account assessment report is complimentary. It's the perfect gift for yourself or an entrepreneur you love. 

Limited Hours Available. Hourly Inventory is adjusted quarterly based on available time slots. 

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Let's discuss the possibility of co-constructing a blueprint to manifest SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS (aka. your brand-to-be). 
"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." - Matthew 17:20

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