IN-BOX MAGAZINE / past volume bundle

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IN-BOX MAGAZINE / past volume bundle

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@beautybarlour inbox magazine is published three times a year. This bundle includes volume 1 & 2. This magazine series is un-structured. It's free flowing direction and content will continue to adapt, evolve and assimilate feedback and requests by our viewer community.   

VOLUME #1 | shares the story of how & why, Beauty Barlour morphed into a Creative Hub. It features fellow entrepreneurs, shares reviews and recipes [Sri Lankan spinach sambol + non-toxic skin toner]. 

VOLUME #2 | features raw stories of entrepreneurial women from near & far [Canada, USA, India]. This issue is a dedication to Hub's first mega brain baby, Skin Theorist Co. 

Witness the transformational process of this space from a brand to a hub. In releases to come, we'll continue to pepper in raw content [sketches, images, napkin scribbles and everything real] from this hub's past life as skincare line.

This magazine series is a testament to the many depths & heights innovators and creators often travel to stay afloat the entrepreneurship. Meet the humans behind new brands we choose to collaborate + co-construct with. Get to know their raw stories and experience how their vision strives to prioritize people, animals and our planet over profits and validation.  

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50% of sales proceeds will be respectively shared between humans involved in the Skin Saga content-collaboration event.     

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